The next step, after the consultation, is to begin the initial layout design of the site.

At this stage, we take the information, images, logos, and notes and begin designing your site.  Communication is key to this step.  The design is fluid and prone to change as the customer is free to make changes.  Discussing the site via phone or email is a good way to begin to settle the site into its final stages.

From the results of discussions, we gather colors and information and format it for web display.  Using design software, we can manipulate any image, incorporate any color, and edit information to fit into the design.

Once we have a working template, we proceed to fill out the rest of the site.  In many cases, a products page will be included in the design.  We make sure that all photos and pricing are accurate during this step.

Once we have filled out the site using the template, the initial design phase is finished and we proceed to the next step.



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