The final step of the design process is final review of the site and submission to the client for feedback.

We will never publish anything to the internet without your say-so!  With that in mind, once the site has been constructed and finalized, we will submit a temporary version to the client.  We will publish it to our server and send the client a URL where they can view it.

From there, the client normally has one week to look at the site and offer feedback.  Changing colors and moving images to updating the text can be done at that point.

Once the week (or earlier) has past, the website becomes final.  We will add a "Designed by New Horizons Design" image to the site (don't worry, it's small and out of the way) and begin publishing the site.

As a last-minute step, we will add keywords and descriptions to your site so it is picked up by the major search engines. 

That's it!  Site completed and published!


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